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Another girl reveals her sex life with Eminem
by Marshallengraved
x Unread post xMarshallengraved   - at 10:46 am on Wednesday November 24‚ 2004 x
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x Marshallengraved Eminem got out a Whopper
then un-rapped me for sex!

By Mike Hamilton

RAP superstar Eminem got jiggy with a British fan—treating her to a fast-food feast with a 12-HOUR romp for dessert.

And as the hip hop hero got to grips with curvy Kimberly Lee he gave her a taste of his flava ...chanting his desire in true Eminem style.

Glamour girl Kimberly laughed: "It was like having my very own private concert. Eminem loved to talk as we were making love and he sang too.

"He was rapping, ‘Oh baby, I love it. Don't stop. Go for it, girl. Give it to me now'. It was exactly the way he sounds on his songs and, for a few seconds, I thought he'd put on one of his records.

"Then I realised that it was me who was inspiring such sweet music!"

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, met pretty Kimberly at a Hollywood bash thrown by his friend Kid Rock, the rap star ex-lover of Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson.

Kimberly had wangled an invite to the do through a film producer pal and was thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with some of Tinseltown's elite, including the Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn.

While mingling with the A-list crowd at LA's trendy Mondrian Hotel she immediately noticed one big name working the room and working up an appetite—in more ways than one. That was Eminem.


Kimberly, 22, from West Calder, West Lothian, explained: "Straight away he made it clear he fancied me. I couldn't believe my luck—a Scottish girl right in the heart of Hollywood and being eyed up by Eminem.

"I could feel his eyes following me around the room. I was flattered by the attention and I thought to myself, ‘I'm going to sleep with Eminem tonight'.

"Then he beckoned me over to the corner of the room where he was sitting. He was wearing baggy jeans, a blue jacket and round glasses like the ones he wore in his movie 8 Mile. He was also wearing a white bandanna and I thought he looked really cute.

"He patted his lap, indicating that he wanted me to sit on his knee, and I was only too happy to join him. Then after a while I put my arms around his neck and we started kissing.

"It was nice...his lips were soft and sensitive. Although I was to find out just how sensitive they were a little later!

"But as we kissed, some of the guests began to get hungry. So, Eminem stood up and said, ‘Don't worry, I'll sort it'.

"I don't know how he did it, but a few minutes later 40 burgers arrived—I think they were Whoppers.

"I know Burger King don't do home deliveries, but I guess when you're Eminem you can pretty much have a Whopper whenever you want one."

And talking of whoppers...it wasn't long before Kimberly was accompanying the rapper back to his room for another large portion.

She said: "We ate the burgers, then Kid Rock called a halt to the party. So Eminem asked, ‘Do you want to come back to my room?' Of course I did!"

Leaving the party stragglers behind, Eminem led Kimberly away for a booty call in his room—taking her westside, eastside and any other direction he could dream up...

Recalling the moment she got her hands on his Slim Shady, Kimberly purred: "Eminem had a huge suite and we started kissing on the white sofa in the living room.

"He soon started touching me and he gently peeled off my black halter-neck top leaving me in only a short black skirt.

"As I sat there topless, he began to kiss and caress my boobs. Then I took down his baggy jeans and showed him the time of his life.

"That's when he started doing his little sex commentaries—as though they were rap songs. Then after 20 minutes or so, Eminem turned his full attention on me...and I'm telling you now, he knew exactly what he was doing.

"There is nothing you can teach Eminem on how to satisfy a woman.

"After we had a little fun, he took my hand and led me to the bedroom where we did it in virtually every position imaginable. He was pretty imaginative."

But although Kimberly admitted she was in awe of the world's most famous rap artist, she giggled that she wasn't the only one out star-gazing that night.


The blonde, pictured left, laughed: "There were a lot of mirrors on the wardrobes and we watched ourselves making love. He was thin and fit and had a nice body. He was also sweet and sensitive.

"We'd have sex, talk a bit, then get straight back to it when he was ready to satisfy me again.

"This was pretty much the routine for the next 12 hours. We did it four times and each time it got better and better."

During their sexathon, Eminem also opened up to Kimberly, talking of his life and the pressures of fame.

But the American—whose new album Encore is currently No1 in the UK chart—insisted that nothing would ever come before his precious nine-year-old daughter Hailie.

Kimberly, who now lives in Notting Hill, west London, said of their romp three years ago: "We spoke a lot that night and he insisted the most important thing in his life was Hailie. He said he'd do anything for her.

"In fact, he told me the best thing about his success was that his daughter would want for nothing.

"I liked that about him. A woman loves to see a man revelling in his role as a father."

Today, Eminem is the biggest star in the record industry with sales easily outstripping any other artist.

His UK No1 singles include The Real Slim Shady and Stan—the song that launched Brit singer Dido into international stardom.

Despite his commercial successes, critics have been quick to slate the rapper's foul-mouthed lyrics covering topics like date-rape, murder and homophobia.

But Brit model Kimberly said the man whose songs have caused a tidal wave of outrage on both sides of the Atlantic was simply misunderstood.

She explained: "Eminem has this bad boy image, but the truth is he's not a bad boy at all in the flesh. He's just a sweet guy who wants to be loved."
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x Unread post xxMarshallengraved   - at 10:50 am on Wednesday November 24‚ 2004 x
x I keep asking myself... x
x Marshallengraved Why do they have to do that? Can't they consider Marshall as a normal man and leave bedroom stories where they belong?

At least, she didn't say anything negative like Kesia Alvarez or JR Watkins...but if the story is actually true, it shows a total disrespect of Eminem's privacy.
For those who doubt Eminem doesn't appreciate that kind of behavior at all, read the lyrics of "Hey Lady" on Obie Trice's "Cheers" album. It'll totally convince you...
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